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MD Talk        


                     In 2012  the years of the business sector has expanded as well. Especially in agricultural has requirement to buy more.After the flooding in last year that reflects a strong economic conditions of Thailand including a support from the government has announced policies. For stimulating the economy, including the low interest rates credit and the supporting from financial business.And this year,Hua Heng Lee groups has highest expansion, the total sales at 4,000 million baht that had grown more than the previous year.The Part of the success in expanding business of used machinery and build a good relationship with trade partners from foreign country. 


                       For the reward of the benefits to society. The company continues to carry on the mission to develop our youth of the nation,therefore made the library for some school that be in shortage. And also encourages employees to participate with the environment. By planting mangrove trees. also encourages a good relationship with the community. Hua Heng Lee has joined with the police to providing security equipment for roads. The company has prepare some food , medicine or etc. to help some people who got the effect from flooding.


                        For the year 2556 Hua Heng Lee remains committed to develop a quality projects and services to be in efficiently including expansion out to the foreign partner to alway response the 

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