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KUBOTA MAX is used KUBOTA tractors imported or manufactured by SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.
to distribute in Thailand. The products are examined, modified and certified by SIAM KUBOTA. Definitely, 
they come with genuine KUBOTA spare parts.


KUBOTA MAX Customers can rest assured of the product quality. Every single product has been extensively 
tested covering 150 points as specified by the standard test. Genuine KUBOTA spare parts are used in the 
process of modifications. KUBOTA MAX products come with new lubricants, UDT3 oil, engine filters, 
hydraulic filters, fuel filters and sometimes fresh paint.


Terms & Conditions


All models of KUBOTA MAX tractors have a maximum warranty of 6 months or 500 hours (whichever comes first).
The warranty covers gear systems, engines (except fuel pump and injector), hydraulic systems (hydraulic pump, 
cylinders and hydraulic arm lift only). Buyers of KUBOTA MAX products are issued a product certificate, a quality 
warranty card and vehicle registration document and sticker from the Department of Land Transport. For further 
convenience, buyers can take part in a lease purchase programme offered by SIAM KUBOTA Leasing Co.,Ltd. 
and enjoy after-sales services from SIAM KUBOTA's Technical Support Centre or authorized dealers.
Other KUBOTA MAX products please see in the warranty card.



Product Life Standard

Every KUBOTA MAX product has a product life review as specified by SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd.'s 
standards as listed below




B and L Series. 

Application must not exceed 5 years or 3,000 hours.

M Series

Application must not exceed 5 years or 4,000 hours.

Combine harvesters

Models  SR-J3/SR-J3-HC

Application must not exceed 6  years or 1,500 hours.

Models DC Series

Application must not exceed 3 years or 2,500 hours.


Power Tillers model

Application must not exceed 3 years or 800 hours.

Riding model

Application must not exceed 3 years or 1, 000 hours.

Riding Tillers

Models KRT 140/140 PTO/140 Plus

Application must not exceed 5 years or 2, 000 hours.

Buy-Back and Appraisal Standards

For customers who are interested in having their KUBOTA tractors appraised and exchanged for new ones, 
SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co., Ltd. proposes a product appraisal and buy-back handbook known as 
"Orange Book" to appraise the products. Orange Book, which is updated yearly, guarantees fair and 
up-to-date pricing.

Testing and Verification Standards

Once your tractors are tested and modified by our trained technicians, they are subject to further inspection 
certified inspectors to ensure they are qualified as KUBOTA MAX.

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